Every parent desires a healthy child. The task of motherhood is both challenging and rewarding. The purpose of this web site is to assist you in the understanding of the various types of tests that have been developed to evaluate the health of your unborn baby. Recently, the California Birth Defects Monitoring Program stated, "One in every 33 babies is born with birth defects-- the leading cause of infant death and childhood disability." There are many questions patients often ask when considering the health of their unborn child.


This web site contains information that is based upon studies from the medical literature. This is important, since the decision making process regarding which test a pregnant woman may elect to undergo should be based upon scientific studies. Each woman seeking information regarding prenatal diagnosis should be aware of (1) which tests are available, (2) what each test attempts to accomplish, and (3) the questions she should ask physicians offering these studies.


An important point to consider is that the prenatal detection of birth defects and other fetal problems is dependent upon the skill and expertise of the physician or sonographer performing and/or interpreting the ultrasound examination. Therefore, this web site to assist you in your decision making process as to which ultrasound study best meet your needs regarding the evaluation of the health of your unborn baby and whether you should consider being evaluated at the Fetal Diagnostic Center.


This site is divided into several areas.


Lets review the contents along the left panel of the screen.


Clicking the buttons in this panel will take you to specific areas of interest.  At the top of the panel you will find instructions regarding how to make an appointment and the location of three offices located in Pasadena, Tarzana, and Lancaster.


The next section contains a detailed review of current technologies designed to screen for Down syndrome. This section provides options for patients who are at high-risk for these problems, but are unsure if they would like to undergo invasive testing. This section  is also useful for women who are not at high-risk for Down syndrome, but would like to be reassured that their risk for this and other problems is low by undergoing Genetic Ultrasound.


The next section describes other ultrasound tests that identify additional fetal problems that, when identified, may be helped by detection before birth.


The center panel contains several important items. First, there is a tour of our main office, located in Pasadena, CA.  Many patients have described this office as the “Ritz Carlton” of diagnostic centers because of its warm, friendly, patient setting.


Below the tour you will find links to topics that have been identified as major fetal and/or maternal problems by national and international health care organizations.  Each section contains a brief description of the problem and solutions offered by the Fetal Diagnostic Center that will decrease newborn and maternal complications when these conditions are detected prenatally.


Finally, there is a link to why the Fetal Diagnostic Center is offering free 3D/4D ultrasound studies to every patient who is evaluated at the Fetal Diagnostic Center in Pasadena, Tarzana, and Mission Hills.


Lets now examine the right panel. The first section,  ABOUT DR. DEVORE  reviews his  training and qualifications as a consultant for obstetricians in the greater Los Angeles area.  You may find this interesting as you review his extensive experience and recognition as a world expert in prenatal diagnosis.


You may find the section IN THE NEWS informative, as it contains reports and interviews from various television programs regarding Dr. DeVore's expertise in fetal medicine, especially as it relates to prenatal diagnosis and treatment of high-risk pregnancies.


The next section contains Multimedia Educational Lectures for patients addressing important issues.  When making an appointment, you will often be requested to review one or several of these presentations so that you will be better informed when undergoing diagnostic testing. 


With the recent proliferation of iPhones  the iPad, Dr. DeVore has created an application for these devices entitled, "Guidelines to Understanding Your Ultrasound Study"  This is a step-by-step presentation with images and cine clips describing what the examination should consist of.  This is an excellent reference for patients as well as sonographers and students studying ultrasound.


In addition, Dr. DeVore has created programs for the iPad and iPhone for physicians and other health care providers that discuss management of common maternal diseases. These can be found by clicking the link to


Finally, there is a link to a web site Dr. DeVore has created for physicians and health care providers where they can obtain educational material relating to prenatal diagnosis.  These programs have been used by physicians throughout the world.


Dr DeVore hopes that the contents of this web site will be useful and assist you in planning which tests you would like to undergo and assist when considering the Fetal Diagnostic Centers as the place where you would like your testing performed.

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